WeddingWire chose some of our photos for their website, which always makes me happy.  See the post here. They also inspired me to post a favorite cakes entry.  (OK really I’m just hurtin’ for something to post) Which cake is your favorite?  Donate to the Make-A-Blogger-Smile foundation  by leaving a comment!

3 Responses to “Which is Your Favorite Cake”

  1. Charlene Hunt says:

    Well this is easy! bottom left, that’s my wedding cake!

  2. Loksze says:

    If you ask me which one looks more artistic, I say the one with the shell; but if you ask me which one I would like to eat, I say the one with shredded coconut frosting.

  3. Ellen says:

    OK, I’ll “bite”! most fun for me is definitely the first cake with the chairs on top. Being a sucker for flowers I think the prettiest picture is the one with roses and orchids…but that blue & brown one is nice too! 🙂