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Discerning Florist

April 30, 2008

Today being my fiance’s birthday, I found myself at New Leaf Flores in Jamaica Plain. The flowers were fresh, and definitely not your run-of-the-mill type place. The shop was chic but comfortable, and they put together a beautiful arrangement for me, in the same manner. The gentlemen who helped me was very accommodating, I can be a picky customer at times! : ) They’re a new floral shop and their website is coming soon, so for more info stop by 599 Center St., JP. 617.522.1101

DJ or a Band?

April 28, 2008

I was in awe after this weekend’s wedding at Zukas Farms. The band did such an amazing job; the crowd was on their feet all night long. Energy was high and the fun lasted all night. They played tons of great songs and the crowd loved it. I was so impressed that I am making them this month’s preferred vendor. The Wilson Stevens’ band Radiance rocked the house in a way that a DJ would be hard pressed to match. Live music always creates an electric ambiance. You can also find lots of other great bands for your wedding at their website. For more information click here. Image courtesy of the Wilson Stevens website.

Pregnancy Candids

April 27, 2008

This is a photo of a good friend of mine, Melissa, who is also a photographer; see her work here. This was taken at the end of a wedding reception, which we shot together. This was just a quick grab shot that I liked so I figured I’d share. Her belly is pretty big and she looked truly radiant.

Modeling for Kids

April 27, 2008

This weekend was a busy one. We photographed 2 weddings, as well as this photo session which was a modeling head shot for this beautiful little girl”s mom (who also had done some modeling). I guess it’s in the genes. They were both a pleasure to work with. One of the weddings I shot this weekend was as a second shooter for a good friend of mine Melissa, who also is a photographer, and 9 months pregnant. I was there to help make sure she wasn’t overstressed…. and a back up in case she went into labor! I’ll post more pictures from that and my other wedding this Saturday. Check back for some great shots.

Business Class at B.U.

April 25, 2008

I would like to thank Professor Russo at Boston University for allowing Dias Photography to participate in the Starting New Ventures class. Students can choose Dias Photography as part of an assignment to write a sample business plan. Business students studying for their MBA can take this class [taken from the B.U. website] that focuses on the process of identifying and obtaining the necessary resources to launch an entrepreneurial venture through the development of a business plan. A well-written business plan will communicate the business concept in a way that attracts the various resource providers necessary for the venture’s success. Students will individually develop a business concept and prepare and present a professional business plan. For more info on the business classes at B.U. click here.

We are happy to announce that we are now preferred vendors at The Opera House in Boston. The Opera House is an exquisite venue that has just recently opened its doors for weddings and events. They are also having a Bridal Show there on May 7th. For more information see the New England Bride website, they will be hosting the event. Also look for our new ad in the brochures for The Opera House, The Henderson House in beautiful Weston, MA and The Warren Conference Center. All wonderful venues for hosting your wedding. We are preferred vendors there too! : )

Loss, Healing and Hope

April 15, 2008

This March I signed up to donate my photography services to Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep which is a non-profit organization that provides photography services to families who are losing a child. If you know of anyone who may need these services, you can reach them through Dias Photography or directly, via their website.

The Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep Foundation (NILMDTS) administers a network of nearly 3,000 volunteer professional photographers in the United States and eight International countries. At a family’s request, a NILMDTS Affiliated Photographer will come to your hospital or hospice location and conduct a sensitive and private portrait session. The portraits are then professionally retouched and presented to the families on an archival DVD or CD that can be used to print portraits of their cherished baby.

Their entire network of affiliated professional photographers graciously donate their time and talents to families in need and are proud to be able to offer the services at no cost.Your donations are greatly needed and greatly appreciated. To make a donation click here.

Artist Certification

April 12, 2008

I’m happy to announce my artist certification by the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA). Through the new Artist Space Initiative, I am eligible for artist spaces that are only open to certified artists. The application process was a bit drawn out, so getting this definitely felt good. The following is taken from their website:
“Artists help make Boston a more livable city – a city of people and neighborhoods, a center of cultural life, and a vital economic center. They function as small businesses by providing jobs and services for Boston residents. Since the late 1960s, artists have helped transform marginal neighborhoods into dynamic communities. Frequently, festivals, galleries, small performance spaces and small retail spring up in these same areas through the work of resident artists, generating a vibrant street life that acts as a deterrent to crime, dramatically enhancing the quality of neighborhoods for both the people who live there and people who visit.” This picture was taken at Piers Park in East Boston a few days ago, hope you like it : )

Limousine Service

April 3, 2008

Looking for a limousine service for your wedding? Check out HTS Limousine service. You can also find their link on our preferred vendor list. They have stretched H2 Hummers, busses, a ’58 Rolls Royce among traditional style limousines. With flat screen tv’s and granite floors, they’re definitely worth looking at, for more information click here or call 617/816-5467, also 508/269-8816

This weekend has been pretty crazy for my fiance and I. We just moved to Jefferies Point in East Boston. Our residential studio also came with us : ) We love the place and the neighborhood is a budding artist community. We’re still in the process of unpacking so email and phone responses are taking a little bit longer. . . so please bear with us. The office will be up and running shortly.

For those of you who may not know me personally, there have been many changes in my life recently. On top of moving, my fiance and I are also expecting a baby in mid September! I couldn’t be any happier. I’m a pretty emotional kind of guy, throw a baby into the mix and I’m a walking Jennifer Aniston movie. We’re also getting married in the fall of ’09. So for all of you couples planning a wedding with tons of other things going on. . . . I feel your pain. Drop me an email and we can commiserate : )