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Real Artists Steal

March 6, 2012

First I have to pay homage to Jack Vettriano who inspired this shot.  I know that the original painting was not on ice skates but… I’m OK with that  : )   It totally reminds me of a cold wintery scene.   Because of our initial idea, we scheduled this e-session which lead to my actual favorite photo from the day.  This seems to always be the M.O… plan a photo, put all this time and effort into it, do some random other shot on the side… random other shot becomes the winner.  Blammo!

Faneuil Hall Engagement

July 23, 2009

My best e-session ever! I had so much fun working with this couple. They were adventurous and willing to try a night time photo session. When I first saw them that night I was amazed at how good they both looked. The red shoes with the black dress are so simple but strong, clean but fiery. The yellow flower in her hair was classic and fresh. His crisp jacket and fresh haircut would have been the icing on the cake if it weren’t for the fact that her designer friend made the dress. They’re a totally cute couple and I wish them the best wedding ever!

A well deserved congratulations goes out to this young couple. You may recognize the bride-to-be because she is my wedding and office assistant Melinda. I met Chris, her fiance for the first time and am so happy because he’s a really sweet gentle kind of guy, or at least with her. He’s probably a lot more tough when he’s on the football field. I also want to wish a whole hearted good luck to Chris. He’s waiting for the NFL draft, as an upcoming prospect.
This first shot is titled Tying the Knot. It’s a good example of my mode of working. I like my photography to be artistic with creative meanings behind them. This is also part of a greater body of work that I’m putting together. It consists of engagement sessions in Boston Hot Spots. This time we shot in the historic North End.
You may notice in the second shot, the couple is standing between a strong and compelling statue of Paul Revere spreading his message on a midnight ride, and an old church steeple. I felt it an appropriate metaphor for the shot. Also don’t forget…. spring is coming, schedule your own engagement session today.

This first photo is one which I’m most excited about, it’s titled Solace in the Storm. What it represents is that quiet comfort you feel after a tough day and your partner gives you a hug or says the right thing. The calm that grounds us in the midst of this crazy world. The world spins so fast; I’m so lucky that I get to experience this not only in my life but in the lives of the people I photograph. In addition, I can photograph them and create works of art. I’ve been offering a free engagement session for couples who are getting married and haven’t decided on a photographer yet. Each e-session is in another interesting Boston location. This shoot was in Harvard Sq., click on the links to see e-sessions in Davis Sq. Somerville, Castle Island in South Boston, Piers Park in East Boston, Beacon Hill, and Boston Common.

Davis Sq. Duo

October 18, 2008

I had an awesome engagement session in Davis Sq. with this couple. They were really fun and easy to work with. Their willingness to try different things allowed me to get more creative with the shots. They got several unique photos, all of which were conceptualized the day of the shoot when my assistant and I were scouting the location. I am in the process of shooting engagement sessions in various parts of Boston. I’ve already staked my diasphoto flag in The Public Garden, Beacon Hill, Castle Island, East Boston and now Davis Sq. Somerville which is a new hot spot! If you are getting married and haven’t booked a photographer yet, you’re eligible for a free engagement photo session like this one (only in a new Boston hot spot! : ) There is no obligation, and no purchase necessary. See how I work and see yourself in the pictures! We’re confident that you’ll love working with us… so come and see what it’s all about.

Castle Island Engagement

August 23, 2008

This past week brought us to Castle Island in South Boston, where we had an engagement photo session with Kristi and Kyle. This is the home of Fort Independence, a historic site built in the early 1800’s. What could be a better metaphor for a strong, lasting relationship : ) There was a clear blue sky and a bright summer day, a perfect backdrop to set against their blue toned outfits. They’re truly a sweet, tender couple and a warm family that I’m pleased to work with. I’m currently uploading the photos to our online proofing site. Here is a little preview of my favorites from the day. For more historic, background info on Castle Island, click here.

This week has been exceptionally busy and several days have passed since my last blog. The last photo shoot was at Piers Park in East Boston. The bride’s last name is Sweet, which is what inspired the title : ) The photo shoot went well. We were able to get the Candid Composition which is the term we coined that expresses the Dias Photography style. We pick the perfect background, light the couple perfectly…and then in between formal shots, we capture the Candid Composition. The last photo is a great example of what we strive for. If any of you are wondering who I am referring to as “we”, allow me to explain. Dias Photography consists of me, Edson, as the primary photographer and Teresa my fiance and office manager. Kelly is our talented associate photographer, see her work here. And last but not least, Melinda is our in house photo editor and Photoshop expert. Together we do all that we can to provide a wonderful experience for all of our clients, from before the wedding and beyond : )

Erica and Greg are getting married! I photographed their engagement session as part of our new promo video due to come out soon. The e-session was awesome. Sheila from WFD, the videographer, did a great job and was a pleasure to work with. We photographed in Boston’s Beacon Hill area which is so rich and full of character. I really like the Kissing in the Street photo as it reminds me of the Alfred Eisenstaedt photo of the sailor kissing the girl in Times Square.

Here are a few pictures from the most recent engagement session that we are working on. This was a super fun couple. They were really comfortable in front of the camera and an e-session is a great way to get even more familiar with how your photographer works. We were able to get a few shots in Boston Common and along Comm Ave., always a nice area to shoot in.

Best shoot ever! What makes such a perfect shoot? Well… let me tell ya! I recently photographed an engagement session with this couple. They’re getting married in a few weeks and took advantage of the FREE engagement sessions that I offer to all of my wedding couples.
This was the quintessential Dias Photo
couple. They were young, professional
and not into any gimmicky, trite photos. They wanted to be captured naturally, smiling and happy. Not only that but they were concerned that they weren’t comfortable in front of the camera and that the photo shoot would be difficult. Lots of, turn-your-
head-here and point-your-
toes-here…. nope. Sometimes that’s called for, and I’m happy to do that , but only if necessary. They were actually very comfortable, poised and a shear joy to work with. The lighting was great, and the location we scouted worked out perfectly. I had a hard time picking which photos to post because they were all this good. If you’re considering hiring a wedding photographer, try us out for free. Get a no-obligations engagement session and see how we work, call 617-930-4632.