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Publication: Guilford Press

August 23, 2010

Hello folks!  Long time no post… I know.  My wife and I have been extremely busy with the recent purchase of our new multi-family home.  We’ve been renovating the units, screening tenants and packing all our furniture seeing as we’re moving into the building too.

Needless to say it’s been a challenge juggling all of that as well as the busiest wedding season of the year, and being the best dad that I can be… of course  : )

I will be answering emails on a limited basis for the next couple of weeks,  I’m really happy to share that I’ve been published on a book cover for the first time.  Dr. Eliana Gil, author of several popular books in the field of Play Therapy, has edited this one.  It’s always really great to see your own work on a book!

I have to give special props to Tom Bruhl, the DJ pictured here.  The music was bumpin’ , the crowd was jumpin’: he totally smashed it!  What was most impressive about him was that he plays all the music himself.  He plays so many instruments, I couldn’t even keep track.  Apparently, he records all of the instruments himself and lays all of the tracks together to form a perfect, in-tune and on-time, one man band that plays all of your favorite songs, unbelievable!  Check him out at