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Oh Happy Day….

June 29, 2011

I keep finding myself being drawn towards whimsical photos like the one below.  I thought that this idea was fun, unique… and my daughter happened to find a little feather that worked perfectly for the shot.  We had beautiful weather this sunny Saturday at Zukas Hilltop Barn.   The bride was enchanting, the groom was charming and as warm as the day.  Bold and fresh red roses adorned every corner.   Amidst all the other details like the horse drawn carriage, the chocolate fountain, delicious cake and the candy table, I believe it was truly a happy day for all.

Freshness is King

June 27, 2011

A warm orange-pink sunset glow,  a glass of champagne, a fountain of flowing chocolate to be enjoyed at your leisure, friends and loved ones: the only thing that could make this better is a delicious meal with freshly picked herbs.  The food at Zukas Hilltop Barn has always been great, but I was blown away recently with the dinner.  I’m so impressed that I have to share how awesome it was.  Just a few hours before dinner I came across the chef hand-picking the herbs for dinner.  The delight that is experienced by a well prepared dish with fresh ingredients can’t be overstated.  Mmm….

How about a cool glass of water with lemon and a fresh sprig of mint  : )

Before every wedding or photo session, I like to come up with a couple original ideas for the bride and groom…. and to keep myself challenged.  Some of the photos are inspired by others and some are completely original  This first photo was another one of our planned shots. This is titled Becoming One.

The dress is from Berkachi Bridal in Cambridge, MALive music provided by Atlantic Strings.

When you photograph a family of artists, you know you’re in for an event that’s unique and beautifully honest.  The wedding was held at the Paine Estate in Waltham, MA which was a deserving venue.  Rich with late century details and hand crafted charm in every corner… it was simply amazing.  This first photo was a planned one titled Floating on Air.This was the country place of social reformer Robert Treat Paine and his family, is a masterpiece of integrated design crowning the career-long collaboration of two visionaries, architect Henry Hobson Richardson and landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted, whose work continues to inspire culturally and environmentally sensitive design [taken from their website].Bridesmaids necklaces by Swarovski

Programs and invitations made by the brides Mom and brother.Catering by Harvest Caterers

Flowers by Suzanne at New England Nurseries

Cake by The Icing on the Cake – Newton, MA

Here’s part two from Suellen and Jay’s wedding, note the custom made cake topper… so awesome!    Just a quick explanation of the last photo, the one of the newspaper.  When our daughter was born, we saved a newspaper from that day.  Even a short 3 years later, it’s still amazing to look at the happenings of that day.  Imagine what it will be like to view and old newspaper from your wedding day, 20 years from now!  Before the wedding I stopped by and picked up a copy of the day’s newspaper to photograph it as well as give to Suellen and Jay.. here it is  : )