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Dramatically Damask 3

November 5, 2009

These are the last photos from the Dramatically Damaskally wedding : ) I love the photo of the bride looking off to the side with her head on her hands, I find it pretty cute. The bridesmaids also had really interesting necklaces. You can’t see it in this photo but they tie in the back and hang down a few inches,…. really pretty.

Dramatically Damask 2

November 4, 2009

Here are a few more wedding photos from our last wedding. Gotta love the Damask, the photo booth, the Cala Lilies, and of course the his and hers cupcakes.

Dramatically Damask 1

November 3, 2009

Yay, another fun couple gets married and I’m there to photograph them! This wedding took place at The International in Bolton, MA. We got lucky because it was raining mostly all day, but then the clouds broke for a few minutes right at the perfect moment and we were able to get a few nice shots outside. The cupcakes that were in lieu if a wedding cake were delicious, by-the-way. Are cupcakes really delicious these days or what? They were definitely not that good when I was a kid. These were scrumptious. You’ll probably notice the damask backdrop in the faux-to booth (our free alternative to the photo booth) it was really fun, suited the couple and added another dimension to the wedding photos. For more info, email us at : )

Bright and Boisterous 2

October 28, 2009

I love this first shot! The sun shining through the trees, the low angle, the crowd jumping and at their peak… very satisfying. In addition, what you may not be able to tell is that the crowd is lit evenly with a special light that we use. Without it, the people would all be dark and underexposed. I always work with an assistant who is there to hold a second light. That is one of the secrets to making photos look special, and ultimately… professional. You’ll also notice we busted out the faux-to booth, our photo booth alternative. It’s a service we provide for free to all of our clients that want it. At almost every event by the end of the night, people loosen up and start heading over to the live-photo booth. That’s when the craziness starts and the really funny photos happen. Also, check out her hair and make-up company, they did a phenomenal job and are really professional.

The orange and yellow mokara blossoms, and the yellow cymbidium orchids accented the entry to a wonderful autumn season. One of the places I photographed the couple was in the restaurants wine cellar… the sincere kiss was sweeter than the wine.

Everything came full circle

October 8, 2009

Last fall I had a fun time photographing this loving couple with a free engagement shoot in Cambridge, MA. Just a few weeks ago I had the honor of capturing their remarkably gorgeous wedding at the InterContinental Hotel Boston. The night ended at the modern and chic Radius in Downtown. The blushing bride and groom had all the components of their wedding detailed from months before; from the aisle decor down to the customized blue low dunk Nikes. Experience in these posts their love story all in one days time.