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Some Winter Wedding Love

February 27, 2011

I love art!  I love weddings too!  We just photographed a wedding at the Hampshire House by Boston Common.  It’s a charming and quaint venue at the foot of Beacon Hill; Michelle the wedding coordinator that night did a great job as well.    Mike Ritter who co-taught a photography workshop with me last spring, married a wonderful woman who has been working in the fine art world for quite some time, and is no stranger to the scene.  It was flattering and almost nerve racking to shoot another photographer and artist’s wedding.  This day was about LOVE though, and I got to be part of it with them.  Mike and Meredith were one of those couples whose love for each other was so apparent.  Their loving gazes of amazement, the smiles, the coyness: I was really honored to witness it.  Good luck to them both and best wishes  : )