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Modeling Portfolio

July 31, 2009

This week brought us to the 3rd installment of Martin Montana’s photo session. This young comedian is also working on his modeling/acting portfolio. In 2008, Martin was a finalist in the “Catch A New Rising Star” competition in addition to appearing on Comcast Cable’s “Comedy Open Mic” for the second time. He’s funny! If you’d like to check out his next event go to To see our last photo shoot, click here.

Boy in Blue

July 30, 2009

Here is the latest installation from our traveling studio. This little bugger couldn’t be any cuter. All of these photos were taken at the family’s home. I hope you like them

Get ready! This wedding has a lot of photos. There are so many that I like, I’ve decided to just go with it. Hopefully you’ll enjoy seeing them all. This wedding took place at Granite Links Golf Club in Quincy, MA., and was catered by The Gourmet Caterers, yum. The ceremony took place at the Holy Family Church in Rockland, MA. The DJ, who was seriously among the best I’ve heard was John Wells from the Event Connection. The videographer was Video Visions Forever. I’ve also attached a sample photo taken from our photo booth alternative, a faux photo booth or what I lovingly call the fauxto-booth. It’s been really fun bringing it to weddings, people have really enjoyed it. For more info email me Edson DiasPhoto com. Enjoy!

Welcome to the first post of the Caterer Review. I will be reviewing all of the dishes provided at the various wedding venues that we work at through out the year. This week brought us to Granite Links Golf Club in Quincy MA where Gourmet Caterers provided the food. Today I’m reviewing the Fillet Mignon

Fillet Mignon-

I should preface this by saying I am the consummate carnivore. From Kobe beef burgers to New England Venison, I’ve tried everything (except for veal, it’s a moral issue) and enjoyed many. This dish was worthy of the word gourmet. The cut of meat was of top quality, juicy and tender. I’ve had Fillet Mignon that was too tender and just didn’t have a proper mouth feel, that was not the case here. Cooked to a perfect medium rare, this fillet was absolutely among the best I’ve had. It was well seasoned, plated and delivered quickly as to not get too cold. The vegetables were bright and crispy, snappy and al dente. I ravaged the delicious mashed potatoes but would have liked to taste a little less butter in them. Overall this was a simple but amazingly delicious dish, only to be out done by the chefs at Lakeview Pavilion.

I have to mention the catering staff here are above and beyond the rest I’ve seen. They are quick, efficient and in great numbers. I should also note that the wedding staff at Granite Links are all there until the end of the night (or at least until I left) making sure that everything is going well. They were very professional and well organized.

Published: Gala Weddings

July 28, 2009

Check us out in the current issue of New England Gala Weddings magazine, Summer/Fall 2009 on page 80. We unfortunately didn’t get a photo credit for this one, but it’s surely a DiasPhoto.

Faneuil Hall Engagement

July 23, 2009

My best e-session ever! I had so much fun working with this couple. They were adventurous and willing to try a night time photo session. When I first saw them that night I was amazed at how good they both looked. The red shoes with the black dress are so simple but strong, clean but fiery. The yellow flower in her hair was classic and fresh. His crisp jacket and fresh haircut would have been the icing on the cake if it weren’t for the fact that her designer friend made the dress. They’re a totally cute couple and I wish them the best wedding ever!

Carolina Connection

July 23, 2009

This family came up to MA all the way from North Carolina to visit family. This turned out to be a good opportunity to get a few family photos. This was another session from our Traveling Studio.

Butterfly Place

July 21, 2009

We recently took a trip with the baby to The Butterfly Place in Westford, MA. She totally loved it. They have a list available, that makes it easy to learn the names. For example, in the first photo is Blue Morpho (Morpho peleides) and in the second, Rice Paper (Idea leuconoe).

Here are the latest photographs from DiasPhoto. This couple, (like all of our clients) were great to work with. A loving couple who planned a sweet wedding full of smiles and welcoming hearts. The ceremony took place at St. Mary’s Church in Milford, followed by a reception at the DoubleTree Hotel in Milford. For info on their florist check out Wildside Florist, also in Milford, Konditor Meister made the cake, and DJ Dan Maloof kept the crowd moving. The story behind the dreamy book-in-the-tree photo is pretty cute. The bride would spend hours in this tree as a child, reading. I thought it to be a really heartwarming memory for the family. They were all so wonderful to work with, I’m happy to share this wedding with you.

Photo Booth Alternative

July 14, 2009

Congratulations to Kathleen and Michael! This past weekend’s wedding was a smash hit. Everyone had so much fun with the backdrop that we brought with us to the wedding. The photos shown here look like they were taken in a photo booth. But actually, they were simply taken by me, in front of this Damask backdrop that we inconspicuously placed in the corner of the reception area. Guests kept coming up and asking us to have their picture taken. This isn’t exactly like a photo booth because there isn’t anything to walk into and their aren’t any filmstrip photos to take home with you. But on the positive side, this doesn’t cost any extra. We’re happy to bring the backdrop with us to your wedding if you decide that you’d like that, at no extra charge. Wedding Photo Booths are great fun but can cost $1000-$2000. Photo booths can also be big and take up a lot of space. Having just a backdrop means that you have a real live human being taking your photo. That means photos with better expressions, and people always fit inside the frame with no one getting cut out of the picture. If you’re considering doing something fun at your wedding but are shying away from the costly photo booth, consider working with us. For more information, send us an email