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Wedding in the Hills

July 28, 2007

On an absolutely beautiful day in July, Ali and Mike tied the knot at the beautiful Zukas Hilltop Barn. The bride had a beautiful veil that extended past her train. I’ll always try to use whatever elements I have at hand when looking for interesting photographs. In this first image, the veil was key.

In the second picture, the border you see is what the edge of a film frame looks like. Shooting completely digitally, I am able to use these techniques artistically, and selectively.

In this last photo, the sun was setting so we had to move quickly. We stepped outside, I posed them quickly and snapped a few shots. I think they came out great. Again, the best photos are made using whatever elements are at hand and in this case, the sunset made the shot.

Wine Theme in Wachusett

July 23, 2007

The posting titled Love Letters was from this wedding. This couple put their confidence in me and allowed me to get creative. Because of that I was able to get more unique images for them. They got married at Wachusett Village Inn in Westminster, MA and the staff there did a great job.

The cloudy appearance of this
first photo is because it is an infrared image which detects heat, and green foliage renders nicely this way. This is one of the many techniques photographers can do today with greater ease thanks to digital technology.

The corks in the second photo were there to let everyone know which table to sit at. A unique idea that looks great and is very simple. The last photo is a sepia-tone. The actual color of the photograph can be warmer or cooler depending on the desired effect. For this one I chose a subtle, slightly warm tone.

Last week I photographed Martin, a successful, young professional running his own business. In addition, he’s also looking forward to more work as a comic, so he needed photos with a few different looks.

This metro Boston shoot was on location in Copley. A warm, partly cloudy day. Overcast days have a nice soft quality of light that I enjoy working with. Martin was also lit with a portable studio light that I use frequently to control lighting situations. The look can be subtle to most, but it makes a big difference.

I was able to catch Martin smiling naturally in this last photo. A big smiling shot was important to show his comic side.

Capturing Expressions

July 15, 2007

  • Renee and William’s
    wedding photos went live, online today. I have been very fortunate to always work with great couples, and these two were no exception.

    This first photo was created using natural light. Used properly it can be a very flattering way to light a picture, and Renee is super photogenic. These two are a very loving
    couple and were a
    to work with.

Christina and Michael are a great couple whose wedding I photo-
graphed last week. Because they them-
selves are creative people, they allowed me the freedom to work with any new ideas that came to me. This piece titled Love Letters is a combination of photographic disciplines, that being advertising, wedding and fine art. Photography is continuously changing and growing, especially with the advent of digital technology. It’s an exciting time to be a photographer and I am fully appreciating that, hopefully my clients can as well.

Painting Pennsylvania

July 10, 2007

On assignment for Coffeepond Photo-
graphy I found myself in Honesdale, PA at the Inn at Willow Pond. This first photo-
graph was taken there, at dusk. It was a beautifully overcast, humid day. The second is of an antique Fire Engine, in the barn at a private summer camp.

A Cape Cod Wedding

July 6, 2007

Adrienne and David, a metropolitan couple from the windy city decided to plan a destination wedding in Cape Cod. The reception was at Oak Crest Cove and formal pictures were taken at the beach, both in Sandwich, MA. It was beautiful New England weather for this couples big day. The winds were low and the overcast sky made for perfect lighting.
In planning a beach wedding, you may want to consider having a few photo location options. We were really lucky because the weather was cooperative but often, the beach can be a difficult place for pictures because of harsh direct sunlight and high winds. Having an alternate location will ensure that you can make the best of your beach wedding.
This couple also decided they were going to see each other before the ceremony, in order to get all of the formal pictures done before the reception. Many couples have been doing this because it allows them more time to spend with their friends and family during the cocktail hour. The extra time allowed for pictures before-hand, gave us ample opportunity to get a lot of great images using the beautiful beach backgrounds.
They were an especially sweet couple. It was clear that they’re madly in love with each other. That was truly a great wedding to photograph. Best wishes to Adrienne and David.

Chari and Matt are the lucky recipients of a fairytale wedding giveaway provided by Fairytale Dreams Program. This organization brings wedding vendors together to donate their services for a deserving couple. I volunteered my time to the program by photographing this friendly young couple.

Colt State
Park in Bristol,
RI is a beautiful location with back lit trees and long stone walls. Any couples getting married in the Provi-
dence area may want to consider going there for their formal pictures.

The first photo is an environmental portrait of the couple, the lower camera angle makes it a little more fun. Different angles make it more interesting for the photographer and helps create dynamic images for my clients . The last image is a more traditional style portrait. Having the ability to work in various styles is especially important in wedding photography. Wedding photographers will often have to wear many hats. From photojournalists, to classic portraitists. We also have to have an eye for fashion and architectural work. That’s part of why I enjoy photographing weddings so much. Hope you like the pictures and congratulations to Chari and Matt!

Weekend in NH

July 2, 2007

This first photo was taken at Lake Mascoma. The clouds parted to let the sun shine onto new horizons. A beautiful weekend in Canaan NH was only surpassed by the pleasure of meeting new people. I would like to thank the Dinaburg family for their hospitality and for putting us up at the Tower House Inn. It was fashioned in such an amazing Victorian decor, I had to photograph this door knob.

It was a pleasure to meet everyone and look forward to photographing all the cute little ones… as well as the cute big ones!