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Top Ten of 2008

December 23, 2008

10. Travel, travel, travel!-2008 brought me to Ecuador, Las Vegas, San Fransisco, Chicago, New York … and several other less exciting places

9. Speaking Engagement-my first of hopefully many more speaking engagements, went off well this past January at Hallmark Institute of Photography. Getting past the fear of public speaking was thrilling.

8. New Website-This August was when we got the new logo and designs for the website, blog, myspace, twitter page, business cards, marketing materials etc.

7. Artist Certification-I’ve always considered myself an artist…. but now so does the city of Boston! : )

6. WPPI-My trip out to Las Vegas for the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International Convention was a slam dunk. Goals were met (as well as tons of interesting people), and objectives reached. Hopefully in ‘o9 we can win some print competitions! We can only hope… I’ll keep my fingers crossed : )

5. Our Office Assistant/Editor-this year we decided to go forward with the plan to hire help. It was one of the most beneficial things we did. Getting office/editing help got albums and products to clients faster than ever before. This years weddings have been posted online about 4 days later! It also allowed us to focus our time working on the business and not in the business.

4. 50,000 hits-we just recently received 50,000 website hits since we first started keeping track in Oct. ’07

3. Getting published-we put in a lot of work this year into getting published and it paid off. We were featured in Bride & Groom magazine as well as New England Bride magazine… and on the cover of the Warren Conference Center/Henderson House brochure.

2. The promo video– it came out great and was exactly what we had envisioned

1. Our new child! Aviva’s arrival was one that will be cherished until the end of days.

From Bouquets to Babies

December 15, 2008

I had the privilege of photographing this couple’s wedding. They’ve been blessed with another addition to their family and I was also there for them to record this part of their lives. This is truly a wonderful job, to be able to share the beautiful moments shared by couples and families. And…. I don’t have to be there for the wedding planning headaches or the crying babies part, how great is that! : )

I seriously laughed out loud when I saw the smile in the last photo. How cute is this kid? This is the latest log from the traveling photo studio… again all of these photos were taken at the clients home. It was such a pleasure to work with this Mom and son combo. They were so cute, Dad should be pretty happy when he sees the photos, huh?

At Your Home for the Holidays

December 11, 2008

Here are a couple photos from a recent photo shoot by the Dias Photography traveling studio. These two kids are really cute and at just the right age to make getting a good shot really difficult. None-the-less we got the shot, in their living room with their very own stockings in the background. With both of the little ones looking at the camera smiling happily, what more could you ask for.

Did you know that Old Sturbridge Village does weddings? This old world, live museum warms the hearth for your wedding reception in the Oliver Wight Tavern. The candle lit pathways, the 17th century church, horse drawn carriages, as well as many, many other details came together to truly make this a unique wedding. I photographed this wedding this past weekend, and today (Wednesday) all of the photos are edited , the artwork has been done and they are online ready for viewing. Having great images captured on your wedding day is obviously paramount regarding wedding photography, but don’t overlook everything after the wedding. Dias Photography has a small part time staff that sees to it that your photos, all of your print orders, albums, books etc. are all delivered on a timely basis. I was also able to capture the Candid Composition. These were my favorites out of many from this wedding. The couple was so especially tender, kind and warming to be around, I think it shows in their photos and in how they planed their event. For answers to FAQ’s on OSV weddings, follow this link. Hope you like the pictures! : )

This family won the photo session that I auctioned off at the Shannon Crowley Benefit. The event was a success. Our hearts and best wishes are with that beautiful little girl and her family. In continuation of positivity, I was able to capture a few special moments for this family with our traveling studio. All of these photos were taken at this family’s home. It’s amazing what beautiful pictures can be taken in a small corner of your home. Are you still going to Babies-R-Us or the Mall for your kids pictures? We can come to your home, where your kids are most comfortable. Guaranteed, we’ll get the happy, naturally smiling photo that you’re looking for. If your kids have a meltdown that day and we don’t get any usable photos, we’ll re-schedule at no additional charge. It’s still not too late for Holiday photos but it’s getting close…. call today 617.930.4632.

December is for Engagements

December 1, 2008

Are you getting engaged this December? OK so maybe I actually photographed this couple in November, but it’s still pretty close. I say that only because people get engaged twice as much in December than in any other month. This totally-in-love young couple is getting married at The International a really pretty Golf Club in Bolton, MA. It was bitterly cold that day so we needed an indoor location for this engagement session. The Wedding Coordinator at The International was kind, accommodating and allowed us to shoot there. It also gave me an opportunity to familiarize myself with the location. Overall, the shoot went well. But right at the end, at the last location is when the magic happened, I got the Candid Composition. The way that this couple looked at each other, I could tell that they are so truly in love. Fortunately… I was ready and able to capture that moment! That is the first shot posted here. If you’re engaged and haven’t chosen a photographer yet, give us a call we’re happy to take your picture!

iTunes Gift Card Contest

December 1, 2008

Ok, this is the last day for the $25 iTunes gift card contest. If anyone out there can guess how many website hits Dias Photography received as of the contest start date, Nov. 4, ’08. You can win the $25 iTunes Gift Card. Closest guess without going over (you know, like The Price Is Right!) takes it. To submit, email here’s a hint: we have a “Long Road Ahead of Us”!