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Post Wedding Perfect

December 1, 2009

I heart this photo shoot! I’ve been wanting to photograph at the Friendly Toast Diner in Kendal Sq. (Cambridge, MA) for quite some time now. I’m so grateful to the bride and groom who got all dolled up after the wedding for this post-wedding photo shoot. I should give credit to the Trash-the-Dress guy. Ever since TTD took off, I’ve had several opportunities to photograph brides and grooms after the wedding. The beauty of it is that it allows the photographer to be creative without the time constraints of a wedding. It also allows the bride and groom to get more photos for their album without having to sacrifice their precious time on the wedding day. The later photos were taken at The Stata Center at M.I.T. How great is that building!? My hat goes off to Frank Gehry, the architect.

Sacred Vows and Sunflowers

October 18, 2009

OMG, I love this post-wedding shoot! This is my new favorite. You may recognize this couple as I’ve photographed their engagement session, dress fitting, wedding, they were in my promo video and now… the post wedding shoot! I had envisioned a photo of them in a field of flowers but was unable to find the perfect location. After discussing my ideas with the bride, she told me about Weir River Farm in Hingham, MA. I had been anticipating this field of sunflowers from the moment I heard about it. As it turns out, it was a truly incredible experience. My fiance was my assistant that day, as well as all of our other shoots with this couple. We had all grown to know each other and had built a greater rapport. The setting sun and the fresh air set the scene. We all felt a little bit giddy as we began creating these images together because we knew that we were doing something new, and we all did our part. I felt invigorated creatively, the couple picked the spot, got all dressed up and provided us with themselves as subjects. The love and emotion they brought with them was a bonus. My assistant was particularly on point that day as well. In summation, this was an amazing shoot that I loved, hopefully you’ll enjoy it too : )