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The busy season is effectively in full swing; and we had lots of fun with the Spiegels in Boston Common. I love the friendly expressions and the lighting also worked out well. If you’re interested in family photos call 617.930.4632 or email To see more pictures click here : )

Santos St.

May 30, 2008

Want to have your engagement session photographed on “your” street. This couple wasn’t actually on Santos St., we photographed this e-session in the beautiful Beacon Hill section of Boston. The idea for this shoot was to have the couple’s new last name on the street sign. Thanks to the benefits of modern technology and a little know-how, this concept came to life. I love natural expressions, and do my best to capture them whenever I’m shooting. This is a great example of what I love to do : )

New Portrait Gallery

May 28, 2008

Want to see more pictures? That’s great because we have dozens of never before posted portraits and artworks on the main website. Dias Photography has been photographing families, pregnancies, babies, couples and business people for several years. We’ve never forwardly advertised or marketed this kind of work; it basically just fell in our laps. We’ve recenlty decided to show it off! Get ideas for for your next portrait session or just brouse for fun… hope you enjoy it. To see them click on pictures, then portraits.

Best shoot ever! What makes such a perfect shoot? Well… let me tell ya! I recently photographed an engagement session with this couple. They’re getting married in a few weeks and took advantage of the FREE engagement sessions that I offer to all of my wedding couples.
This was the quintessential Dias Photo
couple. They were young, professional
and not into any gimmicky, trite photos. They wanted to be captured naturally, smiling and happy. Not only that but they were concerned that they weren’t comfortable in front of the camera and that the photo shoot would be difficult. Lots of, turn-your-
head-here and point-your-
toes-here…. nope. Sometimes that’s called for, and I’m happy to do that , but only if necessary. They were actually very comfortable, poised and a shear joy to work with. The lighting was great, and the location we scouted worked out perfectly. I had a hard time picking which photos to post because they were all this good. If you’re considering hiring a wedding photographer, try us out for free. Get a no-obligations engagement session and see how we work, call 617-930-4632.

Check out the Sheraton
Framingham if you have a long guest list. They have reception areas to accomodate up to 500 guests. The interior is newly renovated and looks great. Another benefit of having your reception at a hotel is that, it makes it really easy for your guests. They can fly in, drive in, they can even stay in… if they’d like : ) Hopefully they’ll be enjoying themselves at the wonderful event you’re hosting. Basically, it makes the event that much easier for your guests. If your ceremony is at the hotel, then you can really maximize your time spent with your friends and family. And… I met with Alyssa, the wedding cooridinator there and she’s great, very friendly and down-to-earth. Just a few things to consider : ) For more info click here.

My fiance/studio manager and I are having a west coast baby shower. This is my suggestion for the invitations. I was unsure if blogging personal work with our names on it was a little narcissistic. But hey, I figured it’s relevant : ) This was done in our living room, with the portable lighting studio…and yes, we make house calls. Hope you like it!

… but we have come a long way. In the past 8 months since we’ve been tracking our website page loads, we’ve had a fair amount of success… and still growing. 20,000 website hits that is! A great big thank you goes out to all the clients, friends and blog surfers who have visited the website. I love my job and am happy to see it grow. Thanks again!

Jenn and Jay

May 12, 2008

Congrats to Jenn and Jay who recently had a beautiful wedding at Zukas Hilltop Barn.
Their wedding photos will be proofed online in a few hours; here’s a little glimpse of what the wedding looked like. I’ve posted about this wedding before in reference to the band that played. Radiance, was the band and riveting was the party. This wedding was definitely marked by how much fun it was. It was also a stress-free, heart-warming wedding that all enjoyed.

Zukas Hilltop Barn who is one of our preferred vendors, decided to use one of my photos for their latest ad in Bride & Groom magazine. My photo is the reddish-orange sunset shot in the top right. Credit for the cover photo goes to Mary Henebry. It’s always exciting for me to see my work in publications! I also wanted to add that Bride and Groom magazine is a great reference for brides and it’s free! For a free copy click here.

Our New Proof Books

May 9, 2008

We’re updating our Proof Book option with a newer style. This is what they will look like. They have a hand sewn binding which means that they’re strong and durable. They come in various sizes and 25 different colors to choose from. We are going with the 8″x11″ size and the chocolate color (like the one pictured), but you can choose from various options for your Proof Book. Let me know what you think, any kind of feedback is much appreciated.