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Did you know that Old Sturbridge Village does weddings? This old world, live museum warms the hearth for your wedding reception in the Oliver Wight Tavern. The candle lit pathways, the 17th century church, horse drawn carriages, as well as many, many other details came together to truly make this a unique wedding. I photographed this wedding this past weekend, and today (Wednesday) all of the photos are edited , the artwork has been done and they are online ready for viewing. Having great images captured on your wedding day is obviously paramount regarding wedding photography, but don’t overlook everything after the wedding. Dias Photography has a small part time staff that sees to it that your photos, all of your print orders, albums, books etc. are all delivered on a timely basis. I was also able to capture the Candid Composition. These were my favorites out of many from this wedding. The couple was so especially tender, kind and warming to be around, I think it shows in their photos and in how they planed their event. For answers to FAQ’s on OSV weddings, follow this link. Hope you like the pictures! : )