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Another Love Letter

November 24, 2007

Here’s a an image I just finished working on for a wedding couple. On the day of the wedding before the ceremony, I asked both the bride and the groom to write a note to each other. They would only see this note after they were married. So today is the day! Congrats to Michaela and Scott. You had a beautiful, fun and creative wedding that I am happy to have been a part of. Happy Holidays!

P.S. Click to enlarge any photo.

Weddings for Foodies

November 22, 2007

Congrat- ulations to Jen and Mike as they embark on their new married life together. This wedding was remark- able for two reasons, how down to earth and genuine this couple was and how good the food was. First, I must mention how cute this kid was as he walked up to the doorway, crossed his leg over the other and propped his arm up on the wall. With the hat… this kid was just too cute.

This intimate gathering of 60 or so was held at Tosca restaurant in Hingham, MA. The food was excellent to say the least. One of the best meals I’ve had, period! The dish pictured here is the ‘Costoletta’ of Pork. Balsamic marinated ‘White marble Farms’ Pork Tenderloin, pounded thin and quickly wood grilled with a ‘Risotto Verde’. Click here to see their menu.

Overall, a very enjoyable evening and a wonderful day to be a part of.

Dr. and Mrs. Solano

November 20, 2007

One of the last really warm days of the fall, Jen and Steven tie the knot to make it official. The tension was mild today despite the grandeur of the big day. Months of planning have all finally come together. The flowers, the program… the seat ribbons all in perfect visual synchro-

All the details have been checked and double checked. The ceremony was a full catholic mass and the stretched Hummer was ready to escort them. The guests waited with abated breath as the beautiful bride makes her appearance. Laughter breaks the solemnity at the alter and prepares us for the ensuing celebration.

The party begins with joy and contentment. An appropriate symbol for the beginning of the rest of their lives together.

Left Coast, Right Coast

November 19, 2007

ulations to Sarah and Ephraim, a truly irreverent couple. Ephraim, originally from CA, met Sarah a Weymouth, MA native while they were in college out on the left coast. An intelligent, discerning young couple who are committed to each other and helping the world through their work for non-profit organizations. This wedding was remarkable because of the extraordinary love and openness of not only the couple and their families but of the guests
as well. This was a great wedding to be a part of, here are a few highlights from the day.

Burchill Murphy Wedding

November 7, 2007

I always have a hard time choosing what type of photo to show on my blog. I have tons of photo journalistic type shots of people smiling naturally, unaware of the camera and just being themselves. I also have lots of beautiful detail shots, environmental and architectural pictures depicting the scene. I usually end up choosing the artistic, creative photographs because as an artist I find them more personally fulfilling.
The second photo of the bride is not a typical choice for me to post on my blog, but I chose it to illustrate the technical part of what I do. The formal pictures for this wedding were shot in this same location because of the lighting. As well as having photo journalistic and artistic photos, it’s important to have fundamentally sound techniques to use for formals such as these. These were created by carefully selecting a location and controlling the light. A few feet away and the look of the shot would have drastically changed.
I will always do my best to control the lighting, so I can produce photographs that are truly remarkable. Having a balance of technical knowledge and creative ability is crucial in getting amazing wedding photographs.

The last photo was taken on the front porch at Stowe Acres. A beautiful venue for weddings. Here are some of the highlights from the wedding, I hope you enjoy them.

Seasonal Kids Portraits

November 6, 2007

Dias Photography is available to come to your home for portraits such as these. These pictures were used as a gift for the Mom by her niece. The Mom has already seen them as all of my photo sessions are posted on a password protected website, where you can see all of the images. They make great holiday gifts and high-quality cards are also available. Holiday season portrait sessions book up quickly so call today.

Beach Engagement

November 1, 2007

This couple is having a destination wedding on an island and decided that a beach setting for their engage-
ment shoot was fitting. The last photo was taken per request of the couple, as they plan to use this photo for their thank you cards… good idea! Don’t forget Dias Photo-
graphy also offers high quality cards.

Jessica and Ned

November 1, 2007

These two are a specially warm couple. Both are very down to earth people and were a pleasure to work with. They had a beautiful wedding on the beach at Black Point in Narra-
gansett, RI followed by a reception at The Towers.

It was a warm Sept. afternoon as the sun was setting. This couple had a touching ceremony in which they wrote their own vowes. They get the most touching ceremony award, I think everyone cried.

Ned, a talented musician and Jessica also a lover of music saw to it that they had great tunes crooning in the background at this cocktail dinner wedding. They also had a jammin’ dance party! Good luck and best wishes to the newly married couple.