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Fall, In Love

November 6, 2012

Engagement sessions in the fall totally rock and I had a lot of fun with this one.  I love the balance of getting the emotional part of a photo and the technical. I feel so satisfied when I get that perfect joyous, laughing expression… as well as the perfect background, lighting,  and pose.

It’s a game changer!  Pinterest  has already had a strong impact on wedding photography.  Because I’m currently following this bride-to-be on Pinterest, I was able to see exactly what she likes, what photo ideas that I also resonate with, and find a way to create them.  This e-session was a lot of fun and here are a few examples.

Holiday E-session

January 3, 2011

We just recently had an e-session at Fanueil Hall in Boston.  This young couple  is set to get married this year at Wachusett Mountain, it’s a cute place, check it out if you’re still looking for a wedding venue.  We also photographed across the street at Christopher Columbus Park which was lit up beautifully with blue and white holiday lights.  I have to say that the Christmas Tree in Fanueil Hall I think is the biggest in he city, it’s enormous… right?

2010 Year in Review Slide Show

December 31, 2010

Anyone partying yet?  Today is the end of the first decade of the new millennium… NEW YEARS EVE!  What a difference a 10 year span can make.  Chances are most of you were in college or just started working 10 years ago.  Now you’re getting married, growing up and moving on to new chapters…how exciting!?  I got married too this year.  So, I feel  your pain in planning a wedding, managing details, and tending to family members… fun stuff.  In 2010, we had about the same amount of weddings. 25 or so.  We started doing senior portraits and continued to do more family, baby and pregnancy photos with our traveling studio.  Check out tour Year in Review Slideshow, hope you like it.  Have fun tonight and be safe!

Love in the City

June 9, 2010

The sweet summer is upon us.  The flowers are beaming and the weather is like an old comfortable blanket.  Love is in the air.  I photographed this couple in the Boston Public Gardens on a warm day.  ‘Twas lovely.  You gotta love Boston in the summer!   I can’t wait for their wedding which will be held at a new wedding venue The Villa in East Bridgewater, MA.

This is my latest and greatest e-session.   The idea was inspired by another photographer, whose name I can’t remember and blog I can’t find.  If anyone knows who I’m talking about, give them a link in the comment box!  The idea was to tell the story of an engagement using pictures, only I was looking for a well articulated narrative.  Hopefully I did that; let me know what you think!  : )  Just as a reminder:  We offer FREE engagement sessions, no obligation, no purchase necessary.  Meet us, see how we work and get your picture taken!  I should say though, we have limited availability so if you’re interested, call us now 617.930.4632 or email

Connecting Before the Wedding

November 10, 2009

I love engagement sessions. It’s truly such a nice way for the couple and the photographer to get to know each other. Photographing someone’s wedding is a pretty intimate experience and it really helps to connect before the wedding. I had a really nice time photographing and chatting with this couple. We were in Boston Common, the Public Gardens, and more!. Congratulations on your engagement or should I say… Congragement!

A Love That Lasts Long

November 9, 2009

When photographing couples, it’s easy to tell the ones who have that kind of connection that’ll last forever. Maybe the subtle kind remarks, a loving gesture or just the basic sweetness between them. I believe this couple has that. Such a great e-session, I’m sure they’ll have a warm and entertaining wedding. We photographed at the Tower Hill Botanical Gardens in Boylston, MA. It’s a beautiful location for an engagement session.

Faneuil Hall Engagement

July 23, 2009

My best e-session ever! I had so much fun working with this couple. They were adventurous and willing to try a night time photo session. When I first saw them that night I was amazed at how good they both looked. The red shoes with the black dress are so simple but strong, clean but fiery. The yellow flower in her hair was classic and fresh. His crisp jacket and fresh haircut would have been the icing on the cake if it weren’t for the fact that her designer friend made the dress. They’re a totally cute couple and I wish them the best wedding ever!

Smolak Farms Engagement

June 29, 2009

We recently had this e-session (engagement session) at Smolak Farms in North Andover, MA. I also learned that they do weddings there as well. If you’re getting married and are looking for a cute, country farm style wedding, you should definitely take peak at their website. Another thing to consider in choosing your venue is the wedding coordinator. I met Sarrah (the wedding coordinator), she showed me around the farm, was very friendly and surely would be great to work with. I was happy with the photography and the choices of unique photo options, hopefully you’ll enjoy the photos as well.