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Congratulations to Emily and Mark who just got married. Emily planned ample time for pictures before and after the ceremony, and she has tons of great images because of it.

In planning the schedule for your wedding, you may want to consider over-estimating how long each event will take. Having more time creates a more relaxed atmosphere. Also, if there is a lot of extra time you can always spend it enjoying the company of the people who are close to you.

I have recently finished editing the wedding photos and these are a few of the artistic shots that I have just worked on. I hope you enjoy them.

E. D.

Portrait of Photographer

June 26, 2007

I had the opportunity to photograph a photographer friend of mine for her website. We shot on location, on the beach in Dennis MA, Cape Cod. Our photo shoot was cut short due to inclement weather but I was still able to get a few photos of her smiling naturally.

Working with other photographers provides me, as well as my clients with many benefits. Having photographer friends in the Boston area is great in case of an emergency. I haven’t needed anyone thus far but I know I have people I can trust if the situation arises. It also helps me establish a talent pool of assistants and second photographers, when I need someone I know I can find them. Also having peers in the wedding industry helps give me perspective on who’s who, and what’s going on. Keeping abreast of the ever changing industry is the only option.

All in all, the photo shoot went well and I had a great time chatting with Christin. Thanks for dinner by the way!