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Plenty of Pretty Pictures

August 29, 2008

Here are a few of the highlights from our trip to San Francisco & Sonoma. We also want to send a special thanks to Jean Star, Dan, Eliana, Sue and all the others who made our trip extra special. I recently got a suggestion to consider doing more pet photography, what a great idea! For those of you in the greater Boston area who would like to have their pets photographed, send me an email and mention this blog to receive 20% off of your pet portrait sitting.

Wedding at Granite Links

August 25, 2008

A warm summer breeze wafts across the top of the hill. The beautiful Granite Links Golf Club in Quincy, MA is where this wedding took place. This venue is particularly interesting because of its view of Boston in the distance. The bride and groom had their formal photos taken before the wedding. For couples who don’t mind changing tradition a bit, this has a lot of benefit. They were able to spend the greater part of their reception mingling with guests and enjoying themselves. The couple had very discerning taste, which was apparent by the vendors they chose, all of which were among the best in Boston. The band tore the house down. The Pulse of Boston did a great job with the music. The food which was absolutely delicious, was provided by Gourmet Caterers; I’m a big fan of food station-style dinners. Guests are able to walk about freely while getting their meal, and it creates more opportunities for conversation. They didn’t have a wedding cake, instead they had cupcakes which were provided by Babycakes. I didn’t get a chance to try them, but I’m sure they were delicious, as was everything else! Also, check out the bouquet which the bride made herself.

Castle Island Engagement

August 23, 2008

This past week brought us to Castle Island in South Boston, where we had an engagement photo session with Kristi and Kyle. This is the home of Fort Independence, a historic site built in the early 1800’s. What could be a better metaphor for a strong, lasting relationship : ) There was a clear blue sky and a bright summer day, a perfect backdrop to set against their blue toned outfits. They’re truly a sweet, tender couple and a warm family that I’m pleased to work with. I’m currently uploading the photos to our online proofing site. Here is a little preview of my favorites from the day. For more historic, background info on Castle Island, click here.

Katie and Bob

August 22, 2008

Congrats! Another fun couple gets married! Katie and Bob had such an easy low stress wedding, it was a pleasure to work with them. Definitely a fun bunch. Katie chose a pretty yellow theme for her wedding. The wedding took place at The Canoe Club in West Bridgewater, for more info click here.

New Logo

August 18, 2008

Many thanks go out to Michaela, the graphic designer who made the new logo. After lots of back and forth, she worked out exactly what I was looking for-and was super easy to work with. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. We also just finished our email newsletter, which will be released this Wednesday. It’ll be chock full of the latest ideas and photos from current weddings. We will also be having our own Featured Weddings section where you can see photos of our favorite weddings.

Karate Kid

August 14, 2008

Congrats to this young fellow who just received his black belt in Karate. Mom and Dad who have done such a great job as parents, said that Karate has given him much more confidence, discipline and athleticism. I was also able to get some great photos of his little brother. They’re both super cute kids! Here a just a few photos from the photo session.

I’ve just updated the website with a new slideshow. Often people will ask, “What is your style” and what can you expect from Dias Photography? We coined the term Candid Composition, to more clearly describe what we do. A balanced approach is our goal. A balance between artistic, photo-journalistic and formal portraiture is important. At every event, we will find the best location considering the background, lighting and comfort for the people being photographed. We use the best, most natural looking methods to light the subjects. Then, in between formal pictures, is when the magic happens. When you’re talking to each other, smiling naturally, laughing and unaware of he camera, is when the Candid Composition is captured. To see examples of it, click here.

What Camera Are We Using?

August 10, 2008

Hands down, the best wedding photography camera on the planet! The new Nikon D3 is here. We’ve recently purchased the latest and greatest camera from Nikon. This camera offers me, as well as my clients, a couple of things. In addition to unbelievable clarity and the ability to make large prints, its ability to shoot in low light situations is an unprecedented leap in the history of photography. Read the specs here.

This week has been exceptionally busy and several days have passed since my last blog. The last photo shoot was at Piers Park in East Boston. The bride’s last name is Sweet, which is what inspired the title : ) The photo shoot went well. We were able to get the Candid Composition which is the term we coined that expresses the Dias Photography style. We pick the perfect background, light the couple perfectly…and then in between formal shots, we capture the Candid Composition. The last photo is a great example of what we strive for. If any of you are wondering who I am referring to as “we”, allow me to explain. Dias Photography consists of me, Edson, as the primary photographer and Teresa my fiance and office manager. Kelly is our talented associate photographer, see her work here. And last but not least, Melinda is our in house photo editor and Photoshop expert. Together we do all that we can to provide a wonderful experience for all of our clients, from before the wedding and beyond : )