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2010 Year in Review Slide Show

December 31, 2010

Anyone partying yet?  Today is the end of the first decade of the new millennium… NEW YEARS EVE!  What a difference a 10 year span can make.  Chances are most of you were in college or just started working 10 years ago.  Now you’re getting married, growing up and moving on to new chapters…how exciting!?  I got married too this year.  So, I feel  your pain in planning a wedding, managing details, and tending to family members… fun stuff.  In 2010, we had about the same amount of weddings. 25 or so.  We started doing senior portraits and continued to do more family, baby and pregnancy photos with our traveling studio.  Check out tour Year in Review Slideshow, hope you like it.  Have fun tonight and be safe!

Baby Love, Baby Love

April 7, 2010

It never ceases to amaze me what’s photographically possible at some one’s home.  The photos shown here on the white background were also taken at the family’s house.  We have several small backdrops that we can set up virtually anywhere.  It’s great for us because shooting in a studio everyday can be awfully boring.  That’s why I love taking photos on location, you get the best of both worlds… and it’s much easier for the family.

The first thing to know is that there is no right or wrong answer. Every photographer will have different preferences. Truth be told, the photograph is ultimately about you and/or your family, so do what feels best.

Having that said, there are a few things that I would suggest to avoid and things to shoot for.

Do Wear:

-What you like to wear and what you feel good in, that’s the most important.
-Coordinating outfits are great.
-Accents and colors that compliment each other are the goal. If the baby is wearing a particular colored shirt, maybe Dad’s collared undershirt can accent that color. If Mom’s wearing a certain color, maybe she can accent the color theme with her accessories.
-Colors that you know work well on you.
-The feeling you want to convey; lighter shirts on top give the pictures a more casual and bright look. Darker shirts on top give the portraits a more serious and thoughtful feel.

Don’t Wear:

-All black or all white tops, it doesn’t create much visual interest and can make for a tricky exposure
-Big logos
-Busy patterns that may overwhelm the photo, and distract attention from the subjects and your expressions
-Things that are too reflective, some eye make-ups that have glitter in them, and things that shimmer will also reflect the camera flash. They can be distracting and can look a little weird.
-Try not to wear the same exact outfit as the other
Hope that helps! 

Beauty Abound

August 21, 2009

This is the first of a 2 part maternity/baby photo session. The main image of the couple on the bed is meant to be a diptych. The second photo will be taken once the baby is here. The photo will be set up identically to this one, only the baby will be in the middle. We had such a beautiful photo session with this couple. The are so in love and it couldn’t have been more apparent. They must have really been focusing their hearts and minds on each other and the baby during the photo session because I feel a deeper vibration in the images. The couple was easy to work with seeing as they are both actors and artists. Their openness to my ideas allowed this shot to happen. Originally, I was concerned that a photo in a bed would be a bit too risque for a pregnancy session. Often times, ideas for photos sound really strange beforehand. But they went for it and I feel it was a very successful photo! It just goes to show… trust your photographer even if the idea sounds a little crazy : )

Family Day Photos: Part 1

August 11, 2009

Our recent family day at Borderland State Park went well. We took some baby photos, pregnancy photography, family portraits and had lots of fun. The weather was beautiful and the kids were able to enjoy the park. I’d say it was a success. If you are interested in family photos amidst the fall foliage, email us at subject: family photos. They make great holiday cards!

Last week our traveling studio brought us to Taunton, MA for this photo shoot. Even though the cute little baby pictured here is only 6 weeks old, she was totally charming and allowed us to get a few great photos of her. For more information on having us come to your home email or call 617.930.4632

From Bouquets to Babies

December 15, 2008

I had the privilege of photographing this couple’s wedding. They’ve been blessed with another addition to their family and I was also there for them to record this part of their lives. This is truly a wonderful job, to be able to share the beautiful moments shared by couples and families. And…. I don’t have to be there for the wedding planning headaches or the crying babies part, how great is that! : )

I seriously laughed out loud when I saw the smile in the last photo. How cute is this kid? This is the latest log from the traveling photo studio… again all of these photos were taken at the clients home. It was such a pleasure to work with this Mom and son combo. They were so cute, Dad should be pretty happy when he sees the photos, huh?

At Your Home for the Holidays

December 11, 2008

Here are a couple photos from a recent photo shoot by the Dias Photography traveling studio. These two kids are really cute and at just the right age to make getting a good shot really difficult. None-the-less we got the shot, in their living room with their very own stockings in the background. With both of the little ones looking at the camera smiling happily, what more could you ask for.

This family won the photo session that I auctioned off at the Shannon Crowley Benefit. The event was a success. Our hearts and best wishes are with that beautiful little girl and her family. In continuation of positivity, I was able to capture a few special moments for this family with our traveling studio. All of these photos were taken at this family’s home. It’s amazing what beautiful pictures can be taken in a small corner of your home. Are you still going to Babies-R-Us or the Mall for your kids pictures? We can come to your home, where your kids are most comfortable. Guaranteed, we’ll get the happy, naturally smiling photo that you’re looking for. If your kids have a meltdown that day and we don’t get any usable photos, we’ll re-schedule at no additional charge. It’s still not too late for Holiday photos but it’s getting close…. call today 617.930.4632.