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Tips for Formal Pictures

August 21, 2007

If you think you may have a lot of wedding day formal photos that need to be taken, here are a few tips that would help make things go more smoothly.

The first thing would be to make a list of the formal pictures that you want taken. Discuss with your photo-
grapher where you may want the pictures taken and any issues that may arise.

Second, effectively communicate before-hand, to all of the people in the formal pictures, where they need to be and when. Then remind them again, the day of the wedding. Often times it takes a while to get people together at the formal picture area. After the ceremony people naturally tend to scatter as they get a drink or go to the restroom.

The third thing would be to enlist someone in the family or someone who knows most of the people involved. Give them a copy of the formal picture list and have them get people “on deck” or ready for the next photo.

Doing these three things will help ensure that the formal picture part of your wedding day will go smoothly and efficiently, allowing you more time to spend with your friends and family.