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Pretty in Pink Photo Shoot

September 8, 2007

This photo sitting took place at the Mom’s house. We set up the pillows and blankets on the couch because Ally was still a bit too young to sit up. A simple lighting set up and we were able to get a great picture of her looking adorable. Her Mom was ecstatic. The second photo was a quick candid using natural light. Making house calls is a service we provide to our clients. It works out well, espe-
cially with infants. All in all, a successful photo session, a happy parent and a satisfied photo-
grapher… for now.

Motorcycles in the New Studio

September 7, 2007

Custom motor-
cycles may seem a bit off the topic of wedding and portrait photography, but all the work was done by local businesses. This photo is of a custom built motorcycle by Chaos Custom Cycles, and the paint job was done by SickAirbrush in Taunton, MA. Supporting local businesses is important to us which is why they are featured here. This bike was a work of art, and apparently to the owner, better to look at then to ride. At least we get to appreciate it this way.