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Specialized Portraits

August 23, 2007

Portrait sessions inevitably always lead to another opportunity to express my creativity not just photo-
graphically, but in an illustrative way.

Each of these are photo-
illustrations. It is a term used to describe a new medium brought forth by technology. At Dias Photo-
graphy we are fully equipped to handle minor re-touching such as removing blemishes from skin and small distractions from backgrounds, but also more involved digital illustrative techniques. These three works were created using photo-
graphs but also illustration software. Years ago artists would paint on photo-
graphs or use photo-
graphs in paintings. These days it’s all done in front of a computer screen, as these were.

Dias Photography is also happy to do specialized portraits for couples as well as parents with babies. For rates and more information call or email at

Tips for Formal Pictures

August 21, 2007

If you think you may have a lot of wedding day formal photos that need to be taken, here are a few tips that would help make things go more smoothly.

The first thing would be to make a list of the formal pictures that you want taken. Discuss with your photo-
grapher where you may want the pictures taken and any issues that may arise.

Second, effectively communicate before-hand, to all of the people in the formal pictures, where they need to be and when. Then remind them again, the day of the wedding. Often times it takes a while to get people together at the formal picture area. After the ceremony people naturally tend to scatter as they get a drink or go to the restroom.

The third thing would be to enlist someone in the family or someone who knows most of the people involved. Give them a copy of the formal picture list and have them get people “on deck” or ready for the next photo.

Doing these three things will help ensure that the formal picture part of your wedding day will go smoothly and efficiently, allowing you more time to spend with your friends and family.

Soul Sisters

August 10, 2007

High tide at sundown created a majestic setting for this intimate wedding in Dennis Port, MA in Cape Cod. Often times at weddings I find that brides truly have a glow about them. These two young women were a perfect example, they radiated happiness. Both of their families were great and a charm to work with. The last photo with the gerber daisies, is a colorization. It is a popular
digital photo-
graphers use to create impact. I also find it important to support the GLBT community. Good luck and best wishes to Kate and Lauren. Also find other gay friendly wedding vendors at

Unique Summer Dress

August 9, 2007

Here are a few more pictures from the Domenici, Sivaramen wedding. View two other of my favorite photos from this wedding here. If you’re looking for fresh ideas for your wedding, this one was particularly interesting for a few reasons. The dresses that the bridesmaids wore were very unique for wedding-
wear. It was a sunny and hot end-of-
July day in New England, and these light summer dresses couldn’t have been more perfect. The groom was also dressed in a tan suit with a distinguished dark red tie and rose. In addition, The Bradley Estate in Canton, MA was a magnificent location. Converted estates are a growingly popular venue for weddings because they offer a more intimate experience, and I’ve found a higher level of attention to detail. For other venues to host your weddings check out the Trustees of Reservations. You should find several amazing properties. This last photo, again at The Bradley Estate, was taken at the reception. The screened in terrace was such a wonderful location for pictures. I loved the sunset background, and especially indoors.

If you are looking for an interesting place to go to for a summer weekend get-away. You may want to consider heading towards the Berkshires in western, MA. On your way there, you can check out Old Sturbridge Village who is now hosting weddings and events. This first photo was taken there and is an example of the visually rich texture, and the possibilities of a unique wedding experience. We are also proud to announce that Dias Photography is a preferred wedding vendor there.

The second photo was taken at Naumkeag, an absolutely amazing and unique location for a wedding. With impeccable gardens and verdant landscapes, Naumkeag is definitely worth the trip. Located in Stockbridge, MA the area has a long tradition of art and early American settlement. If the dozens of sculptures throughout the town don’t satisfy your appetite for art and culture, there are many options to choose from. Tanglewood, the grand-daddy of American music halls has a variety of events ranging from orchestral performances to wine tasting. Or you can see Jacob’s Pillow, Americas first and longest-running dance festival.

The last photo was taken at One Main Bed and Breakfast. The inn keepers were very kind and offered us such a warm experience, it made me never want to stay at a hotel again. In addition, rates here are lower than in equivalent areas of New Hampshire or Maine.

The Bradley Estate

August 1, 2007

ulations to Danielle and Nad on their recent marriage. Danielle, an amazing photo-
journalist and Nad a newspaper Editor, hired me to photo-
graph their wedding. Having the trust and confidence of your peers goes a long way. Here are a couple of my favorite photographs from that day. I also want to say welcome back to the couple on their recent stateside return. Check back next week as more pictures will be posted.