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All-American Altruists

February 24, 2008

She’s a school teacher and he’s a firefighter. Can you find a better match? Both of them were really great to work with. I’ve been very fortunate in regards to the people who hire me. Every single one of my clients in the past five years, has been a pleasure to work with (truly). I like to think it’s a reflection of me and the the energy I put out. I try to be calm, friendly, sincere and focus on delivering excellent pictures… isn’t that what it’s really all about. In turn, I’ve attracted clients who are the same. Having a wonderful wedding day from start to finish, and everything going off without a hitch is the goal. And we make sure to it that that happens every time. Here are a few of my favorites from Val and Greg’s wedding I hope you enjoy them

One of the greatest things about my job is all the wonderful people I get to meet and photograph along the way. This is a portrait of Dr. Eliana Gil. She is a critically aclaimed and internationally recognized speaker, author, mother and quite the engaging subject. Our time frame for the shoot was limited, but within 15 minutes we were able to walk away with the shot she wanted, plus some. For more information about Eliana, click on her link above.

My lecture at the Hallmark Institute of Photography went very well. I was well received and was able to impart some of my experience as a photographer to the students. The students were very inquisitive and had lots of questions for me. I’m very passionate about my work and am always happy to share what I’ve learned about photography. Here is a photo of me speaking on stage. Photo courtesy of Cory Silken

Madeira Family Portraits

February 9, 2008

This portrait session was done at the family’s house. Despite the large size of the group and the challenge of the limited space, I was still able to get the shot.

Wednesday, February 6th I will be speaking at the Hallmark Institute of Photography about my experiences as a Boston Wedding Photographer. I will be there as a guest of Andrew Kessler, the owner of Coffeepond Photography. Here is an excerpt from the Hallmark website: “To round out the morning presentation, Andrew will be moderating a panel of “freelancers” from around New England who will share their opinions and experiences about their careers in the industry. Included in this informative panel are Jeff Scher, Christin Kahn, Troy Dodds, James Lindley, Edson Dias, Cory Silken, Tiffany White, Laura Pineda, all successful photographers from New England.”

She’s here! Congratulations to Jay and Cindy as they welcome to the world their beautiful, healthy baby girl Lexi. I look forward to many wonderful years of photographing your family.