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Love Erica Christina

May 20, 2010

I was getting nervous!  The 303 cafe was getting busier and the moment was drawing nearer.  Erica and I had planned out how we would Photograph The Proposal but at the last minute a couple sat down directly in front of my camera.  Secret proposal photography is always so thrilling.  My heart pumps, I breath heavier in anticipation.  It’s truly an honor to be able to witness this watershed moment in a couple’s history.  I actually didn’t get to see the moment when Erica proposed… but I heard it!  Christina whooped a giant heartfelt sigh.  It was so pure and joyous, my eyes welled up.   What a great moment!  For any of you planning on proposing to your special someone, consider having that moment photographed.  My fiance and I did and it has been such a wonderful trip to look at those photos 2 years, later and re-live the experience.  Check out!

The Secret Proposal

May 18, 2009

Even though it was a an unseasonably warm day in December when I planned to propose, it was still a New England winter day. The crisp air was clear and bright. My accelerated breath shot from my body like a steam engine. I think there is a universal exhilaration that happens when we put ourselves in this situation. Chances are usually pretty great that the proposee will say yes…. but you never really know. So often you hear stories of people who’ve been together for years, all of a sudden start shaking, knees buckle and knuckles whiten over the engagement proposal. I wanted to have several events planned through out the day which had meaning. Just a proposal and maybe dinner, didn’t seem like enough. I planned several events, each representing an aspect of our lives that I wanted to highlight.

The day began with the proposal in front of The Milky Way in Jamaica Plain, where she first walked into my life. She said YES, so we quickly scampered off like preteens at Disney World.

First stop, Exhale Spa in Back Bay, Boston. We attended a yoga class which represented the spiritual connection I’ve felt with my wife-to-be. We meditated on the happiness, the commitment and the entirety of what we we embarking on. The facility was clean, serene and simply amazing.
We then walked to Beacon Hill where we pampered ourselves with a manicure and pedicure. To all the guys reading, I only got the pedicure… that’s more manly right? : ) Anyway, that was to represent the comfort in life that I wish to experience together. Life may not always be massages and manicures, but we strive for the creature comforts that we’ve been blessed enough to enjoy.
We drank coffee, walked and talked about life. We laughed and loved all of the little moments. In retrospect, my vision of the experience was dreamy like a bright photo in soft focus. We then went to the Park Plaza where we celebrated rest! This is where I presented to her these Lily bulbs, seedlings that represented our future family (neither of us new that this part would come to fruition quite so soon) We made plans to plant the bulbs, and care for them as they bloom into beautiful flowers.
Then was the ever so important nourishment. Sorellina’s restaurant was absolutely delicious, refined like a fine wine, an epicure’s delight. We feed each other in so many ways, we were beginning on the right foot. We topped the night off with Sheer Madness a comedic performance at The Charles Playhouse, an appropriate location as we begin to truly play house.

If you couldn’t tell, this is me proposing to my now fiance. It’s been a long engagement because, the birth of our daughter put the wedding planning on hold for a bit. It was kind of ironic how within days of the engagement proposal, I lost my father and conceived our child. Life is a trip! I just came across these photos that were taken by a good photographer friend of mine Ava Hedayatzadeh, and felt the urge to share. The idea came from another friend of mine who wanted me to secretly photograph his proposal. Thus the birth of the secret proposal photo. The hardest question now is… who will photograph our wedding!