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Sky is the Limit

November 16, 2011

When a handsome couple in the airline industry cross paths, the sky is the limit.   Love, life and happiness, prepare for take off.  Despite my rugged exterior (those of you who know me, understand why that’s funny), I’m actually kind of a softy.  This makes me perfectly suited for such a touching wedding.   I was getting emotional editing the photos of the groom getting teary eyed.    This wedding was so cosmopolitan and stylish, but also tender and genuine.  It was such a pleasure to work with all of you.  Everyone was great. From the beginning of the day, at the Marriott Long Wharf in Boston, and well into the reception at The State Room (with unsurpassed views of the city), it was all totally grand and joyous.  Congratulations Jeannie and Scott, you’re a great couple and deserve everything under the sky!