Beauty Abound

August 21, 2009

This is the first of a 2 part maternity/baby photo session. The main image of the couple on the bed is meant to be a diptych. The second photo will be taken once the baby is here. The photo will be set up identically to this one, only the baby will be in the middle. We had such a beautiful photo session with this couple. The are so in love and it couldn’t have been more apparent. They must have really been focusing their hearts and minds on each other and the baby during the photo session because I feel a deeper vibration in the images. The couple was easy to work with seeing as they are both actors and artists. Their openness to my ideas allowed this shot to happen. Originally, I was concerned that a photo in a bed would be a bit too risque for a pregnancy session. Often times, ideas for photos sound really strange beforehand. But they went for it and I feel it was a very successful photo! It just goes to show… trust your photographer even if the idea sounds a little crazy : )

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