Mothers and Daughters

May 1, 2009

My heart is a tulip. It bursts with the vibrant colors of love and life. Reds, yellows and purples SRING! My child and her mother (as a child) This may appear as some kind of technical before and after photo but it’s not. These are photos of my beautiful fiance and my glorious daughter, taken at about the same age. The photo on the left was taken an undisclosed number of years ago (I wouldn’t dare post her age, I know at least that much) and a photo of our daughter taken a few days ago. Everyday I learn more about each of them and fall deeper in love with both. After speaking with my mother-in-law, I learned how my fiance’s disposition as a child was so similar to my daughter’s. Bright, cheerful, alert and amazingly happy in the morning. Like Mother… Like Daughter. Thank you to all the mothers and daughters that make the world a softer, loving and accepting place. If you have an old photo that you would like to have re-created. Give us a call and schedule a family portrait session with our Traveling Studio 617.930.4632 or email

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